Friday, June 4, 2010

The Punch Buggy Shirt and More

So I have some outfits to catch you up on! It's been a whirlwind of hot and humid weather (and NO rain) which means two things:
1. Fun and breezy clothing at night
2. I have no idea what to wear during the day

This week my boss has been out of town so I get to wear the same garb as "normal" working professionals when I go into the office (instead of scrubs). After all the complaining I did in this post you would think I was happy about this.
No. I am panic stricken every morning and consequently late for work.
Watching me try on clothes is almost comical. I'm pretty sure if I video taped myself it would come out in fast motion with this song in the background:

Yes, I am blond.

So I'm going to skip my work outfits for this week because I failed miserably. I mismatched and clashed and even wore mock-chinos. Not my proudest moment.

Instead let's focus on one of my new summer dresses I wore last night to an engagement party!

Shoes: Old Navy
Necklace: Lucylu charm necklaces
Bracelet: Judith Ripka (a gift)
Belt: Vintage; antiquity from Mom's closet
Dress: Forever 21 (though can't find it anywhere on the Internet. I guess it was a limited edition?

FACT: This "dress" is actually a romper! I am SO happy rompers are in. They are attractive, versatile, and aside from awkward moments in the bathroom, very comfortable.

Today I am romper-free. I am in a beachy mood, so I am wearing a classic shore-town outfit!

Shoes: Target
Top: H&M a million years ago
Skirt: It's actually a dress, Forever 21

I've been seeing this navy and white shirt everywhere lately. I had a fashion stroke of genius and realized I had one somewhere in the back of my closet. Apparently, it's a "classic". Regardless, keep a look out for them. Better yet, turn it into a "punch buggy" kind of game and hit the person next to you each time one passes by :)

STRIPED ONE! *punch*


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