Friday, June 11, 2010

History of Trend: Part 1 (UGGs)

I'm starting to notice that a lot of trends were originally born out of necessity. I haven't decided if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but it is definitely a thing. I keep seeing fashion creeping its way into the realm of function and making it its own. I feel like what was at one point one person's uniform will sooner or later become a fashion craze of the masses.

Think about it- I came up with UGGs, Polo Shirts, Cargo Pants and Bermuda Shorts off the top of my head.

To dig deeper into this phenomenon that I just discovered (yes, all me), we need to take these items and trace them back to their roots.

I promise this will be funny, not boring, and just littered with all sorts of sarcasm. Here we go:

There is a lot of conflicting literature on the Internet about the origins of the UGG boot. Two of the most popular theories involve the military and sport. Either way, the actual sheepskin boot seems to have originated in either Australia or New Zealand*.

Some stories claim that UGGs were worn by pilots during WWI to ensure toasty toes during flights.

According to the official UGG Australia website it was surfers who truly inspired the UGG boot trend in the US. Apparently to keep their feet warm after exiting frigid water they slipped into a pair of cushy, comfy UGGs- and this quickly caught on.

Now, these people wear UGGs:

Judging by the length of her dress, I can tell it's freezing outside so I'm glad at least her feet are keeping warm*.

He certainly has the charm and swagger of a WWI aviator, maybe he can save his lady friend from the ferocious creatures attacking her feet.

What your thinking is one of three things:
1. "Shit, I have UGGs, am I that douchey?"
2. "Whatever, Daily Garb, UGGs are perfectly fine to wear appropriately"
3. "This is totally accurate and the Daily Garb is likely to win an award for her writing"

You're probably not thinking #3 unless you are my Mom or Dad reading this.

As for #1 and #2, I would feel like I'm cheating you if I didn't mention that I actually own a pair of UGGs.
When the boots first came into the scene I had an intensely adverse reaction to them and swore I would never buy into the overpriced, aggressively trendy fad. However, someone bought them for me against my will as a gift and I pretty much had to wear them.
I'm not going to lie, they are seriously comfortable. I limit my UGG use to NORMAL things like in cold weather and with pants, not skirts or dresses.

Now, I don't have anything against UGGs. I am not vehemently against them, nor am I excited enough to wear them that I would pair them with literally anything in my closet.


Stay tuned for the next History of Trend post: the Polo Shirt.


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